Pls advise if there is a way to make GPC accept a field name in a RECORD or variable name and that field name or variable name is a reserved or key word in GPC.  I am porting software from SPARC SunOS (using SUN PASCAL compiler) to INTEL Solaris 7 (using GPC).  For example :



  Trow, Tline_nbr, Tcnt :INTEGER;
  Tptr :Parm_ptr;
  Tmp_erlin :Er_typ;
  View :BOOLEAN;
  Repos :INTEGER;

BEGIN       (* Blkkut *)
  IF Slct_flg THEN
    View := FALSE;
    Blkcopy(View);                    <<< this is line 349;  View is a GPC reserved word.
    IF NOT Spare_buffer_used THEN

I get the following errors during compile:
Shared_tpl/Mprocsrc/blockcmd.p: In procedure `Blkkut':
Shared_tpl/Mprocsrc/blockcmd.p:349: parse error before `View'
Shared_tpl/Mprocsrc/blockcmd.p:349: missing `)'
Shared_tpl/Mprocsrc/blockcmd.p:349: too few arguments to function `Blkcopy'
Shared_tpl/Mprocsrc/blockcmd.p:349: parse error before `)'


       Sortmask_rec = PACKED RECORD
          Bin_nbr :Int8;
          Class :Class_typ;                                      <<< line 226  Class is a GPC reserve word.
          Any :BOOLEAN;
          Display_ch :Displ_char;
          Socket_quality_delta :INT16;
          Test_Sum :INT16;
          Test_List :PACKED ARRAY[1..Maximum_tests] of INT16;

Error messages during compile.
In file included from Shared_tpl/Inc/tplmain.typ:38,
                 from Shared_tpl/Mprocsrc/blockcmd.p:67:
Dependent/Inc/misc.typ:226: parse error before `Class'
Dependent/Inc/misc.typ:226: extra semicolon

I am using gpc version 20010623, based on 2.95.2 19991024 (release) and I use only -O and --no-mixed-comments options when calling gpc.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Jing Gloria
Texas Instruments