And also note that many of the "distributions" (GPC + IDEs) have dropped GPC, so
you are sending potential users over the cliff. The source rollups mention that there
is a "binaries" directory to find prebuilds, but that is nowhere in evidence.

Frankly, GPC is looking a lot like abandonware at this time. The site needs to be
cleared of dead/wrong links and bad information, and it needs some prebuilds that
are current.

Scott Moore

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Subject: instal gnu pascal
From: Palmerim Soares <>
Date: Mon, February 23, 2009 5:27 am

Help! I use Windows XP. I just want to instal and use GNU pascal but it seens to be very very very difficult!!!!!! What i have to do to simply instal and use GNU Pascal without guesses and a lot of complications?????????????

Thanks for your help