I use gpc to make practics, in a =asignature in the university of coruña, and the program must run in a solaris =machine, with gpc 2.0.
I have in my house linux, rh 5.2 =with gpc 2.0, and last year in the university i use sun pascal, to make the practicas =and i have a module to manipulate screen, but now don't work in =gpc:
procedure CursorXY( x:integer; y:integer);
    write( chr(27), '[', y:0, =';', x:0, 'f');
this procedure to put cursor in =coordinates xy, dont work on gpc.
i need somthing that make =this.
this other to clear te screen work perfectly:
procedure ClearScreen;
    write( chr(27), '[2J');
can anybody help me!!!
the other problem, is that i use =xxgdb to debug pascal programs but when i wnat to inspect the vaule of a var, i need to =write display <var> with te first letter capitalized, but if i click in =the var don't work, no solution i found to this problem,