On 03/09/12 05:10, Jay Michael wrote:
     My program was terminating with no runtime error message.  When run in gdb, gdb told me it terminated with exit code 52 (I think octal).

     I had a Range Check Error.  In gdb, I see that _p_RangeCheckError calls _p_RuntimeError.  Then, _p_RuntimeError has code that might call _p_RangeCheckError.  I didn't trace further -- gdb suddenly becomes unable to single-step, says "Unable to set breakpoint number -37".  (The specific number changes if I keep trying to single-step.  It's always negative.)

     I don't know how much better it would have been, but shouldn't _p_RuntimeError have been compiled with range checking suppressed?

     (I've found source for RangeCheckError and RuntimeError.  I can't find source for CString2String -- is it an intrinsic function?  It seems to have been inline coded in RuntimeError.)

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Mine is in gpc-bp.pas

function CString2String (Str: CString): TString;
  CString2String := StrPas (Str)